Kittatinny Canoes
Kittatinny Canoes
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Exciting and Challenging
No Experience Necessary!

This competitive adventure is challenging and exciting. Your team will be armed with special paintball guns to hit opposing players. Paintballs are water-soluble, biodegradable, and non-toxic. You will play different types of games such as Capture the Flag, Attack and Defend, Total Elimination and more!

Kittatinny Paintball features exceptional mountain top playing fields overlooking the beautiful Delaware River. We'll provide you with everything you need and take you to the top in a military troop transport truck - This ain't no bus ride Jack!


Your team can use our strategically placed bunkers for it's defensive strategy or take advantage of Kittatinny's unique natural cover while maneuvering for an attack. Kittatinny's fields feature natural forests with huge boulders and bunkers designed to make each game exciting and FUN!

NY Paintball

Games begin between 9:30 and 10:00 AM, so you need to arrive between 8:30 and 9:30 AM at our BARRYVILLE ADVENTURE CENTER to sign up.

BRING your own lunch, and plenty of beverages - OR - you can purchase your lunch from the Kittatinny Campground Deli prior to going to the top of the mountain.
(These lunches can be ordered in advance, request a menu upon placing your reservation)

Equipment Information!

Guns: Tippman 98 Semi-Automatics guns AND Inferno Semi-Automatics!
Paintballs: RP Sheerer brand.
Maximum velocity: 300 feet per second. If players bring their own guns, they must be calibrated to this velocity or less.

Choose your game: Capture the flag - Center and End Flags - Elimination - Bounty Hunter - Bunker Hill. (All Games Are Supervised)

Kittatinny Canoes
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